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Post by Going-Going-Gone on Wed Apr 27, 2016 11:11 am

TELEPHONE SCAM Wednesday 27-04-2016 approx 11.00 hrs
Had a phone call "Unavailable" lots of background noise slow response and a weak but strong Indian accent, telling me "You have a slow internet problem with your router."
I asked her to confirm my full Name & Address, which she did.
I then asked her to confirm my email address & password,
The email address for TalkTalk was correct.
However the password was an old one, according to TalkTalk the data they lost was not sensitive.
Well I think some brown skinned girl or lady from another country who's can quote my full name, address, email and password (Albeit it an old one) is very sensitive to me.
I have also had more circulars from companies I have dealt with or know.
I should be able to charge TALKTALK for this/these unsolicited mail/calls


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